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2008-Jun-12: Added image support, minor bugfixes; cloud, search, and pagination now working

2008-Jun-01: Multiple voted and antispam code is fixed and working! Oh, and tags. Just based on 'Search' at the moment, but I may work on that, but there is a BASIC tag cloud! Never done that before!

2008-Jun-01: For those of you that already reckonise this site design, yes, it is a rip of QDB/Bash.org but re-written in PHP with a MySQL backend in a couple of hours.

Any problems with the site, please email me at dug (at) frag dot co dot uk

It's just something I've wanted to play with, plus it's a good way of trying out tagging on non-important data.

I'm hoping both of these groups don't mind me using their design! I'll change it soon, just wanted something to work with that's logical!

2008-Jun-01: Site is up! Just finish coding most of it. There's no validation on entries at the moment, but voting works.

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